About Us

Welcome to Under the Table Hot Sauce, where our hot sauce has "All the flavor... and twice the burn". We are a family-run business, located on Long Island, New York, sourcing all-natural ingredients to hand craft small batches of flavorful hot sauce.

For as long as I can remember, my mother (who at 94 years old-recently passed) always had a garden. When the time came that she wasn't able to work the "farm" daily, I took over. One year I wanted to try growing hot peppers since I liked them so much. That Fall when I harvested them, I said to my wife "l love hot sauce; but I would like to try to make a hot sauce that I actually like". I did, and it turned out well. I gave the bottles of newly-made hot sauce out to friends and family and they were an instant hit. Once I perfected the first recipe 'The "Original" Shart Sauce' (no explanation needed), I began to experiment with different fruits and combinations to come up with over a dozen varieties. The first labels just contained words, but I felt like it was missing something - personality. Since I have always loved to draw (and all I could draw was mostly myself in various forms) I came up with some characters for each of the hot sauce flavors (that's me in the straitjacket), and the first label was born. I started hand-drawing all of the labels for the bottles of hot sauce and found a commercial kitchen that I could work in to cook and bottle the sauces. The rest, as they say, is history.