Smoking Cod from World Renowned Chef Mr. Armande

Smoking Cod:
                     1 Lb. Piece of Cod 1" thick.
                      1/4 Tsp. ea. Smoked Hot Hungarian Paprika, smoked hot Mexican chilli powder, Old
Bay seasoning, garlic jalapeno powder.
                      1 Tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil.
                       2 Tbsp. JB's Under The Table "Roasty Toasty Sauce"
                      3 Scallions.
                       10 Sweetest cherry tomatoes available (Golden Sweets, Isis Candy,
                       Fresh ground blk pepper
                        Mediterranean Sea Salt.
                        Parchment paper.
                      Depending on your tastes can add. Fresh chopped flat leaf parsley or oregano,
                       * To make "RAGIN COD"
                       * Sub. JB's Reeper Madness for Roasty Toasty.
                        * Sub. Spanish Hot smoked paprika for Hungarian.
                         * Sub. Pepperoncini and Pimenton Salt mixture for Mediterranean (Bella Cucina
Savory Salts)
                         * Add thin slivers of Habanero Pepper
  Preparation:  Whisk Hot sauce and Olive oil together in a bowl set aside.
                            Combine the 1/4 Tsps. of seasonings together in a bowl mix well set aside.
                            With a sharp knife cut off root ends of scallions. Cut off inch or so of green tops.
                             Slice scallions in half crosswise then  slice in half lengthwise, carefully now with
flat end of scallion on cutting board
                             slice into thin slivers then set aside.
                            Slice cherry tomatoes in half lengthwise set aside.    
                             Cut off a piece of parchment paper 6-8 inches longer than fish.
    Assembly:      Preheat oven to 400°
                             Layout parchment paper and spread 1 tbsp of olive oil/hot sauce mixture in
center approx size of fish.
                             Liberally season fish with salt and pepper both sides and lay down on the sauce
mixture centered on parchment.
                             Arrange sliced tomatoes cut side down as many as you can fit in one layer.
                             Now spread scallions into all the crevices created by tomatoes then top off
what is left.
                             Spread remaining 2 tbsp of hot sauce mixture over top of tomatoes and
                             Spread spice mixture evenly on top of tomatoes and scallions.
                             Now pull up sides of parchment paper lengthwise and start to make small folds
down to almost top of fish.

                              Fold up the ends of parchment inwards over top of fish to make a packet,
secure with butchers string.
                              Place in a Pyrex bowl with folds facing up.
                              Place on center rack and roast for 20 to 22 minutes depending on doneness
you prefer fish.
        Serving:        Remove fish from oven and leave in Pyrex bowl do not want to lose juice.
                               Carefully cut open butchers string, open packet, cut fish to desired portions
trying not to cut thru parchment.
                                Spoon some of juices over top of servings.
          Great sides to go with this healthy recipe, make your favorite Quinoa dish and
spoon sauce over it. A quick saute of baby kale and spinach
                                 leaves with thinly sliced radicchio  in olive oil and crushed garlic cloves goes
well. The radicchio stays with a contrasting texture and        
                                  bitterness as the baby leaves wilt quickly.